Betsy Trabue grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee, and earned Bachelor of Science program in Psychology at Lipscomb University. While living in Norfolk, Virginia, Betsy decided to pursue interior design and subsequently attended O'More College of Design.

While at O’More Betsy was consumed in the design culture and was able to intern at ID&A, a commercial design firm allowing her to immerse in the changing office design culture in spaces like Healthways and BMI. A summer with Meyer Davis Studio, Inc. allowed her to experience the high-end New York scene and she participated in residential and hospitality projects alike. For the last few years, Betsy worked on high-end residential design in the Nashville area — everything from new construction projects to single space jobs — for Alcott Interiors.

Betsy truly enjoys her career, and when not at work she can be found out on nature walks taking in the seasonal color palettes and textures, reading, and sketching.  As one of five children, Betsy enjoys spending time with her siblings when they are in town, and her greatest joy is being an Aunt to four nephews who have allowed her to add fort construction to her resume.  

Betsy believes that designs should be purposeful and well-reasoned, that imagination and symbology should exist within the parameters of design, and that the ultimate experience should be enriching to society.