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The work of Peter Fleming is nuanced and precise. As he is a true student of his craft, his pieces are always juxtapositions of style and practicality, and the closer one inspects these objects, the more subtleties present themselves. Much like the artist himself, his objects are poised and deliberate. Possessing a comprehensive view of his craft, and being enmeshed in the process, Fleming finds the work naturally becomes a challenge on more than one level.

- Jessica Mathison
for Nashville Arts Magazine

As featured in Veranda magazine, Nashville Arts, Nashville Lifestyles among others Building No.9 is a design focused gallery that produces one-of-a-kind and limited run collections of furniture, objects and interiors.
The work promotes an aesthetic that embraces history but also looks ahead and finds new applications for historical fragments and historical materials. Pieces often involve a conceptual approach to conventional objects and settings in order to elevate the design thinking and encourage experimentation.