My practice explores the interplay of colour and engages the act of repetition as a tool for introspection and creation. My watercolor paintings on paper are produced by overlaying several washes of paint, to create densely pigmented blocks of colour. The paper is then submerged into water and sections of the paint are washed away, creating translucent veils of colour that flows across the surface of the paper. This process of reduction features throughout my work, alluding to forces of erosion that form our landscape. I allow the elemental qualities of the paint to determine the appearance of each work, creating contemplative, minimal paintings. 

Michael Craik was born in Edinburgh in 1972 and has worked as an artist in Scotland for the last 20 years. He studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen before completing an MA in European Fine Art in Barcelona. He currently divides his time between painting, gardening, and being a father and is based at the beautiful Sea Loft studio in the village of Kinghorn in Scotland. A recipient of several awards, Craik’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe and is represented by galleries in Scotland, Germany and Italy.